License terms, warranty and disclaimer for the software

License agreement
The program package is the property of Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH and, like other software, is subject to the Copyright Act (§69, §106 Urhg).

This program package includes all files on the original data carriers (usually USB sticks, CDs) and / or downloads. In addition to the program package, the scope of delivery includes all documentation and, if available, copy protection hardware and license codes.

The licensee receives the right to install the program package on several computers. He is just not allowed to use it more often than licenses were purchased at the same time. This applies to the WinErs developer and runtime version, the WinErs laboratory versions (GRAFCET laboratory versions), Flowlab and the learning software (trainings).

The program package may not be rented out. The transfer of license rights to third parties is possible if a) the entire scope of delivery is transferred, and b) all existing copies of the program package, including the backup and archiving copies, are deleted.

The runtime version includes a single license for which the above license conditions also apply.

The engineering office Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH holds all copyrights to the program package. The manipulation, disassembly and debugging of files, programs or parts of programs is prohibited. The licensee receives the right to copy the source texts and source files contained in the program package and to modify these copies for his own use. In this case, all copyright notices from the Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH are to be removed. The originator holds the rights to the original source texts and sample files. If the user makes significant changes to these source texts, i.e., changes that clearly differ in functionality from the original, the copyrights are transferred to the user.

The copyright protection also extends expressly to all resources or additional programs supplied with the program package and belonging to the program package. This applies in particular to media files such as vector and pixel graphics, sound files and video clips. The use of these provided resources is only permitted in direct connection with the program package.

The engineering office Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH guarantees that the program package largely has the functionality described in the documentation. Warranty claims exist within the Federal Republic of Germany within the framework of the BGB, hardware included in the scope of delivery is included here. For foreign countries, there is a warranty period of 90 days from the date of purchase.

There is no guarantee that the supplied examples and source texts will function correctly.
The Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH excludes any further claims regarding the program package, the documentation, the documents, as well as the hardware supplied.

Limitation of liability
The engineering office Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH assumes no liability for any damage resulting from the use of the program package. Damage from lost profits, business interruptions or the loss of information or data as well as damage resulting from improper, faulty or grossly negligent operation and their consequential damage are excluded without restriction.

Right of withdrawal
By starting the download, you expressly agree that the execution of the contract may begin before the withdrawal period has expired. This will invalidate your right of withdrawal.

The above conditions can be wholly or partially overridden or supplemented by special contractual provisions within the framework of applicable law.

All contractual changes must be recorded in writing, otherwise they are not permitted.

We reserve the right to make changes in all parts, in particular the program functionality and documentation, at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact the engineering office Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH.